Our Wines

Our goal is to create easy drinking, quality wines that our guests will enjoy in our facility or in their homes. We have produced a variety of wines from dry to sweet, red, blush and white. We think everyone can find a wine they like among our core group of wines.

All these wines are hand-crafted at our Train Wreck Winery in Algona. We use grapes/juice from a variety of sources, but all wines are made from hybrid grapes typically grown in the Midwest.  We hope you enjoy these wines, and can find time to stop by and see us at the historic Algona Rail Road Depot, located at 112 North Phillips Street.  Below is a listing of our wines currently available at Train Wreck Winery:

Cow Catcher

($14.95) (Dry Red Wine)

This bold red wine is dry, but without the astringency (dry-mouth feel caused by tannins) of many red wines. Made from cold-climate grapes, this oak-aged wine has spicy aromas, and oak and dried fruit in the finish.

Oak Tie

($14.95) (Dry White Wine)

This fruity white wine was fermented with Oak staves in the wine. The presence of oak mutes the fruit intensity, and creates a buttery, rounded-edge to this northern high-acid grape.

Orphan train

($15.95) (Semi-sweet Blush Wine)

Orphan Train, made from Frontenac gris (gree) grapes, has tropical and peach flavors. It gets its blush color from the bronze skin of the grape. Its natural high acid is balanced with enough sweetness to retain a refreshing crispness. This wine is dedicated to the 20,000 children who rode the orphan trains to a new life in Iowa from 1880-1930. There are still children among us who have drawn the short straw in life, and we donate $2 from each bottle sold to children’s causes.

Gandy Dancer

($13.95) (Semi-Sweet White Wine)

This Seyval-based wine is fruit forward, as a result of fermenting at cool temperatures and the judicious use of enough back-sweetening to bring out the pineapple and stone fruit aromas present in this grape.


($13.95) (Sweet White Wine)

An all-Iowa grape blend, this wine contains Brianna and Edelweiss grapes grown by Iowa farmers. Reminiscent of Muscato, this wine is very sweet, but the high acid of the grapes keeps it light.


($13.95) (Sweet Red Wine)

Kate is a blend of 3 Iowa grapes: Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, and Concord. The flavor of grapes comes thru loud and clear in this popular wine. The brilliant ruby color complements the sweetness of this wine, named for heroic Kate Shelley.

ChooChoo-6-outlinesaChoo Choo Choose Me

($13.95) (Off-Dry Cranberry)

Choo Choo Choose Me is our delicious, off-dry cranberry wine made from fresh cranberries from Wisconsin.