Our Winery

Our production facility is located at 103 n Phillips St. in Algona, Iowa, across the street from our retail outlet in the historic Algona, Iowa, railroad depot. We produce all the wines we sell, utilizing grapes and juice sourced from our own vineyard, and from other farmers. Grapes are brought to the winery and destemmed, crushed and pressed. The resulting  juice, or “must”, is pumped into various vessels for fermentation. Once the finished wine is ready, it is bottled, labeled and moved to the depot for sale, or transported to one of our wholesale accounts for retail sale.

Our wine tasting and retail sales are conducted in our beautifully restored 1917 Chicago Northwestern Railroad Depot at 112 N Phillips St, Algona, IA. Like other depots of the time, this one arrived in kit form. Originally destined for a community in Minnesota, it was diverted here to replace the original wood structure that burned down in 1917. After serving as a depot for 6+ decades, it was also used as a clothing store, a flower shop and a porcelain doll shop. Our first visit here, in January 2005, started by crawling through windows knocked out by vandals. Occupied at the time only by pigeons and the detritus of nearly 20 years of abandonment, one needed vision to see the gem that lay beneath the trash, dust and cobwebs. That gem is now polished, and we look forward to your visit so we can show it off!