Grape Pickers Wanted!

Volunteers wanted copyHARVEST COMPLETE (9/29/14) – thanks for helping! ┬áThe grapes have started to turn color, and you know what that means. Yes! Drinking wine in the vineyard at 10 o’clock in the morning!

Woohoo! Harvest is soon upon us, and we are taking names for the picking crew. We will pick the red grapes and white grapes on two separate Saturdays (of course mother nature and ripening dependent). Last year we picked our Brianna on August 22nd; but we’d be surprised if it’s that early this year. FIRST COME BASIS!

There is something special about knowing the grapes you picked will be in the bottle of Train Wreck wines you enjoy later!

For your help we’ll give you a great wine harvest experience, free t-shirt, brunch and fun (oh, there is a little work involved too). If you’d like to sign up, email or message us with your phone number, or call the winery at 515.395.3376 and leave a message. Email: and please include “GRAPES” in the subject line.